Looking for a sound guy?


My name is Radoslaw and I love to spend time recording sound both for my personal library as well as helping others with their movies. Since I’ve started doing sound in 2018 I had an opportunity to work with various, independent producers across the Yorkshire…

… and it’s been an amazing journey, which helped me gain the experience as the sound recordist and also gave me the pleasure to work with many talented professionals - both located inside as well outside of the camera frame!

I take a lot of satisfaction from the work I do, as it allows me to not only develop my technical skills but also meet many interesting people. It always feels fun to be on the set and observe how the magic happens!

If you need a help with the sound for your project, feel free to contact me. I stay open to new cooperations and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Quality is something that matters to me a lot as well - that’s why I focus on using the industry standard equipment. Here’s the list of the setup I work with:

Please check the other sections on the website to have a taste of the work I’ve done so far.

You can also find me on